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Hi everyone!

(Sorry this post isn't about videos ^^;
I've had slow unsecure internet on campus as of yesterday so I haven't been able to do anything x_x
Hopefully by the end of the month though~)


Do you think you can all do me a favor??

I'm trying to win a pair of VIP tickets to see Kpop stars, and as a Cassiopeia, Yunho and Changmin :D

All you have to do is:

*1st, please like this page: http://www.facebook.com/KPOPMasters
*2nd, like my picture entry~~

and that's it!

Sorry if this is asking for too much ><
I'm far behind atm and there are only 4 days left, so yeah *O*

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4 Minute - I My Me Mine

4Minute - I My Me Mine MV --> [MF]
4Minute - 20100702 - I My Me Mine on MB --> [MF]
4Minute - 20100703 - I My Me Mine on MC --> [MF]
4Minute - 20100704 - I My Me Mine on Ink -->[MF]

I really in love with their mini album. It's so good and they just look gorgeous. Surprisingly they perform this song really well, considering how fast this song is, and I can tell they're vocal has improved so much.

Miss A - Bad Girl, Good Girl

Miss A - Bad Girl, Good Girl MV -->[MF]
Miss A - 20100702 - Break It, BGGG on MB -->[MF]
Miss A - 20100703 - BGGG on MC -->[MF]
Miss A - 20100704 - BGGG on Ink -->[MF]

Credit to http://cashewmaniakpop.wordpress.com/


B2Y - Be Crazy -->[MF]

Credit to : piemin
Pet Chun

*bows in guilt and in shame*

*still bowing* I'm really sorry for not posting any files for the last couple months. To put it shortly, school got in the way and when I did finish my school, my computer died on me, along with all of my files. Yeah, so I bought a new laptop, but it's not as powerful as the other one and I'm still in the middle of finding my old files and putting it to my ipod. One other reason why I haven't updated is that I'm working full time and an another part time job, so my time on computer decreased drastically. But I promise I won't leave this community because I refuse to let this community become another dead community. So please stay with me.

My Comeback Post

Title: 개인의 취향 / Kaeinui Chwihyang
Also known as: Kae In's Taste / Personal Taste
Genre:Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Cast: Son Ye Jin as Park Kae In, Lee Min Ho as Jeon Jin Ho, Kim Ji Suk as Han Chang Ryul, and Wang Ji Hye as Kim In Hee.
Eng Sub By: The Quyen
Download : Collapse )

Music Bank Mid-Year Special

2AM – Never Let You Go on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]
2PM – Without U on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]
After School – Let’s Do It on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]
After School – Bang! on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]
C.N Blue – Loner, Love on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]
f(x) – NU ABO on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]
Gummy – Because of You on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]
Gummy, Lyn, Hwayobi – 21 Guns on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]
IU & Seulong (2AM) – Nagging on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]
Kara – Lupin on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]
Kara, T-ara, f(x), 4Minute – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang --> [MF]
SNSD – Dance Break on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]
SNSD – No. 1 on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]
SNSD, 2AM – Waiting Room on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]
SNSD, C.N Blue, Kara, 2AM, Super Junior – My Life Would Suck Without You --> [MF]
Super Junior – Bonamana on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]
Super Junior, 2PM, 2AM – Love Song (Rain Cover) (Special Stage) on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]
T-ara – Crazy Because of You on Music Bank (2010-06-25) --> [MF]

Credit to cashewmaniakpop.wordpress.com

C.N Blue&ZE:A+others

MBLAQ_Cacao Black [60sec CF] ---> [MF]

Nichkhun_danced to Bo peep+Mister@Suzuki Jelato Event in Pattaya [020710] ---> [MF]

Taeyang_Look Only At Me Dance w/KARA@Stong Heart [011210] ---> [MF]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic" />

 C.N Blue_I'm a Loner (Vocal)@Shim Shim Ta Pa [012610] ---> [MF]

C.N Blue_Performances+Interview@Showcase [011410] ---> [MF]

C.N Blue_I'm a Loner@Showcase [011410] ---> [MF]


Image and video hosting by TinyPic" />

ZE:A_Love Coach @O4U Fanmeeting (Feb '10) ---> [MF]
*Ripped and uploaded by LeeChiHoon@youtube

ZE:A_New Star@O4U Fanmeeting (Feb '10)---> [MF]
*Ripped and uploaded by LeeChiHoon@youtube

ZE.A_Genie+Abracadabra@O4U Fanmeeting (Feb '10)---> [MF]



Chun: Smile that makes my day.

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